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Servo Vertical Extractor

1. Main pneumatic and electrical control parts adopting Japan brands with long service life;

2. Adopting vertical link arm with stable structure, its moving track can avoid the core-pulling cylinder;

3. Arm reducer adopting planetary plus worm gear with large transmission torque and stable transmission. Optional frequency conversion or servo control;

4. Sliding table adopting linear guide rails to achieve horizontal movement, and adopting frequency conversion or servo control, ensuring smooth drafting. Supporting  stop or standby set arbitrarily;

5. Clamp adopting our self-developed link-type strong three-jaw, ensuring produict no falling off to protect the safety of equipment and product;

6. The base adopting srew lift to achieve ascending or descending, saving time and labor, accurately positioning pick-up position;

7. Adopting Japan OMRON computer control system and frequency converter;

8. Adopting Chinese touch-type HMI screen;

9. Suitable for large tonnage die casting machines above 650T.